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Who We Are

Established in 2006, La Ventana Cine is an audiovisual production company, certified as a B Corporation. Founded by Rafael Valdeavellano and Carola Fuentes, its mission is to investigate, produce and distribute stories with social impact.  Our films have been shown not only in Chile and Latin America, but also in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

La Ventana's team is made up of journalists and filmmakers committed to the mission of transmitting quality information in a cinematographic language that summons and inspires audiences in Chile and the world.

What We Do

La Ventana Cine is at the forefront of the Latin American documentary industry, consistently delivering award-winning, critically acclaimed films that resonate with audiences worldwide. With a commitment to powerful storytelling and a keen eye for emerging talent, La Ventana produces compelling narratives that capture the essence of Chilean and Latin American culture.

Our films, recognized at top international film festivals, are a testament to our excellence and innovative approach. La Ventana Cine is a visionary company that champions diversity, cultural authenticity, and the transformative power of cinema that continues to inspire and captivate global audiences.

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Where We Are

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Our partners as we dive into the unique projects we've crafted, showcasing the essence of Latin American culture.

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